Calligraphy Workshop

From 7pm to 8pm
500yen SHIKISHI paper included * Reservation needed

There is also a day which cannot do a workshop for the sake of a lecturer's convenience. Please understand.
For more details and reservation is to a front desk.

Calligraphy Experience

Calligraphy is a creative art form which attempts to express spiritual depth and beauty.

Kanji and kana characters written with brush and sumi.

Assisted by a volunteer instructor

Experience a touch of our culture during your stay!

Early Summer Night Event - Tanabata -
Surprising Somen & Music

Tanabata - Surprising Somen & Music

From 7pm
Charge free
At the lobby

July 7 is the day of Tanabata. The festival is based on a Chinese legend about the stars Hikoboshi(Altair of the Eagle) and Orihime(Vegar of the Lyre), a harmonious couple separated by the Milky Way, who cross the river and meet once a year on that day.

Tanabata - Surprising Somen & Music

It is customary for people to write their wishes on strips of paper in five colors, hang them on branches of bamboo trees.

Tanabata - Surprising Somen & Music

Let's have a fun night mingling with people!

Sakura Talk Café

We want to know Fushimi Inari more!

From 8pm @Sakura Ryokan Lobby
Coffee + Talk =500yen

"We want to know Fushimi Inari more!"

Fushimi Inari is the most popular tourist spot in Japan (Trip adviser research 2014). But we don’t know about Fushimi Inari very much. We have guest speaker (Freelance guide) and she will give us some ideas about Fushimi Inari from the history, mystery, to how to enjoy yourself can be heard.

Please come together and listen about Fushimi Inari.
This session will be great helps you to enjoy, understanding more.

Pre Gion Festival

From 6pm - 8pm @Sakura Ryokan Lobby
Charge Free

Pre Gion Festival Pre Gion Festival

We will organize our lobby open to an atmosphere of the festival of summer. Let's wear a yukata (Japanese summer kimono) and enjoy fireworks, chipped ice, of course
Before you going to the Gion festival or when you comes back, you could chill out sometime in our Lobby with local people...

Pre Gion Festival

Let’s have a fun night mingling with people and food + something special!

Keihoku, The Village of Fireflies

Fireflies can be only seen on sunny days in the rainy season (mid-June to mid-July). Most places in Japan have hardly found fireflies dues to the recent pollution of rivers, unfortunately. Yet in Keihoku, where you see beautiful mountains and water stream everywhere, you can meet hundreds of fireflies every year. Please come and visit Keihoku, it's just one hour north up from the center-Kyoto! You can book the tour by mail.

Calligraphy Experience


Dep time 16:30 (from Kyoto station)
Arr time 17:50 (to Shuzan bus terminal)

We pick you up from Shuzan bus terminal to thatched roof house.

Then you can have TAKOYAKI(octopus ball) NAGASHI-SOMEN(cold-stream noodle) or YAKISOBA(fried noodle) party (include local vegetables salad).at outside garden.

You can take fresh vegetables from private farm by your hand.

20:00 Visit deep mountainous area to see houndreds of fireflies(depending on weather)
22:00 - 22:30 Drop off at your hotel

In order to come to Keihoku area, Take a JR bus of Takao/ Keihoku Line from Kyoto Station (terminal no. 3) via Enmachi and Nijo station. Shuzan (Syuzan) terminal is a final stop and it takes around 1 hour 20 mins from Kyoto station.
It costs JPY1180, or you can use the Japan Rail Pass.

Fare & Booking

Calligraphy Experience

Tour fare: 6,000 yen (per person) Including: return transportation, NAGASHI-SOMEN or YAKISOBA and TAKOYAKI party and guiding

Please send your desirable dates (multiple dates will help), your phone (if connected in Japan) as well as number / name of participants to the following address. We will get back to you soon after we check the weather condition and number of total guests. You will pay the fare upon arrival.

Note: As the tour could be canceled due to the weather of the day, please note how we can get in touch with you on the day / previous night (your cell phone number, or hotel name and room).

Email: tokuheian@gmail.com
Mobile: (080) 8327-3913
Coordinator: Hideo Uyeda