Calligraphy Workshop

From 7pm to 8pm
500yen SHIKISHI paper included * Reservation needed

There is also a day which cannot do a workshop for the sake of a lecturer's convenience. Please understand.
For more details and reservation is to a front desk.

Calligraphy Experience

Calligraphy is a creative art form which attempts to express spiritual depth and beauty.

Kanji and kana characters written with brush and sumi.

Assisted by a volunteer instructor

Experience a touch of our culture during your stay!

Sakura Talk Café

We want to know Fushimi Inari more!

From 8pm @Sakura Ryokan Lobby
Coffee + Talk =500yen

"We want to know Fushimi Inari more!"

Fushimi Inari is the most popular tourist spot in Japan (Trip adviser research 2014). But we don’t know about Fushimi Inari very much. We have guest speaker (Freelance guide) and she will give us some ideas about Fushimi Inari from the history, mystery, to how to enjoy yourself can be heard.

Please come together and listen about Fushimi Inari.
This session will be great helps you to enjoy, understanding more.

Pre Event for Daimonji Matsuri Festival
Mini Lecture & Japanese Surprising Somen !

 Daimonji Matsuri Festival

From 7pm - Somen party
From 8pm Daimonji mini lecture

Charge Free

Welcome to join our summer party withJapanese summer noodle & ice dessert. Also, to make more enjoy & understanding for daimonji night, Special Guide (Mr. Kameda) will come to visit to Sakura ryokan and give us Mini-lecture about Daimonji with his recommendation. We have trial some Yukatas for you to wear in this evening!

Japanese Surprising Somen

Welcome to join our cultural evening.
Let's have a fun time mingling with people!